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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Company Arran, Scotland

If you are looking around online for a luxury vinyl tile company on Arran, M West Flooring Ltd is an excellent choice. With over twenty years in the industry, our team is highly equipped to walk you through the process of deciding which luxury vinyl tiles are suited to your property, and install the tiles beautifully. 


Luxury vinyl tiles offer a flooring solution that is highly authentic, sumptuous, modern look. We have installed vinyl tiles for countless customers throughout our time on the job and have seen their popularity boom in Scotland as they create a luxurious, yet affordable home aesthetic. Our luxury vinyl tiles offer superior design quality, combined with high durability and resistance. 

If sustainability and cost savings are important factors for you as you browse the flooring solutions currently on the market, then vinyl tiles are a fantastic option. Due to their durable quality, they can last for many years before needing any attention or replacement. This longevity is better guaranteed when a specialist hand instals the tiles, and the vinyl tiles themselves are of a high quality. By choosing M West Flooring, you will have peace of mind that specialists are on the case, putting in place premium quality tiles. Once we lay the vinyl tiles down, we can offer you care and maintenance advice based on our extensive experience with the material. 

Our luxury vinyl tiles are available in a range of designs and can truly transform the rooms in your home through their realistic appearance. Based on your individual tastes and the overall aesthetic you are aiming for, you can decide on tiles that fit seamlessly into the room under focus. We have worked on more compact spaces like fitting vinyl tile floors in bathrooms, as well as larger scale open plan rooms, and each one is fitted and finished with skill and precision.


Don’t just listen to us – we have a growing collection of testimonials from our Arran based customers. We have a consistent attention to detail in both our customer care and the tiling installation services. It is this level of service quality that has generated a loyal customer base on the Isle of Arran, who return to us time and time again for flooring solutions, as well as vocally recommend us to friends and family. We are proud of our reputation and work hard to maintain it. Arran is home to countless stunning properties, and we love to play our part in transforming their interiors with luxury vinyl tiles, amongst our other flooring alternatives. 

Whatever route you eventually go down to install brand new flooring, our team works hard to make sure you can get in and enjoy it as soon as possible. As a luxury vinyl tile company, we are efficient and excellent at what we do.


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